Drones Kenya

We provide drone based solutions to farmers, mining companies, government and environmental organizations. Drone products can be integrated with satellite based services, GIS data and sensor observations. For more information on integrated solutions Upande offers, please visit Upande Limited.


  • Aerial photography
  • Orthophoto imagery
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Multispectral imagery
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Inspection services


  • Efficient Visual inspection of your crop/field
  • Efficient use of farm inputs
  • Early detection of crop issues
  • Clear understanding of your field layout
  • Efficient and accurate stockpile measurements
  • Environmental impact assessments

Why use Drones Kenya?

  • Reduce financial stress by optimizing use of farm inputs
  • Have peace of mind as a result of thorough and complete farm mapping
  • Reduce stress by reducing risk of crop disease epidemic
  • Make field workers feel safer
  • Eliminate uncertainty of resources required during upcoming harvest